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Acrylic Sinks by Karran

"Strength, beauty, and durability you can depend on for decades."

Bathroom Sink

Before you spend good money for a sink, think about the abuse you're about to dish out; penetrating grease, staining foods, abrasive cleaners, ceramic dishes, metal utensils, hot pots and pans, and thousands of gallons of flowing water, enough to wear down a rock. The sink that looks great in the showroom may not be so lovely after a couple of years of that kind of torture. What you need isn't a sink exactly, it's a super sink. Fortunately, there's Karran. When you install a Karran sink, your free to worry about other least for the next 50 years.

Affordability and superior performance are rarely built into one product. Karran is backed by a 50-year warranty against manufacturing defects and staining. As time goes by, Karran's surface will not be dulled, scratched, or have black marks from pots, pans, and utensils, it will always look good, and is easy to clean. You will be very pleased with the results!

Karran sinks come in a range of traditional and contemporary styles. Choose between single bowls and double bowls. Or, if you have the space how about the double bowl with integral drainboard? Karran sinks are also available as integral undermount bowls. These bowls can be seamlessly under mounted to all types of countertop material, even laminate, and they said it couldn't be done! The choices are endless. To see the styles available go to the KARRAN SELF-RIMMING SINK STYLES or the KARRAN UNDERMOUNT SINK STYLES pages of our website.  All sinks are available in White or Bisque.

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What is Karran and why can it do what it does?

Before Karran was a sink, it was a polymer of exceptionally high molecular weight or atomic mass. For those without a Ph.D in chemistry, that means Karran is structurally predisposed to resist staining, heat and impact - a sink's major foes. The chemical geniuses who developed Karran, did so specifically for kitchen sinks. It just plain resists, well, everything. and you'll only find Karran in a Karran sink. While your banging pots and pans on your Karran sink, you might notice yourself saying "Wow thats incredible" under your breath. You see despite Karran's incredible imperviousness to everything else, it actually absorbs noise. The chemists didn't plan's just a nice bonus.



·         Karran sinks are completely stain resistant. In over 20 years of selling Karran sinks in Europe, South Africa, Australia, Canada and the USA, nothing has ever been found that will permanently stain the surface. The fact that your Karran sink will never stain means that it will look as good in 20 years time as the day it is installed.


·         Karran sinks can withstand heat temperatures of 365°F. In practical terms this means that a pot directly off the stove that has been used for boiling vegetables can be placed directly on the surface without causing damage for short periods of time whilst cold water is run into the pot. But care should be taken when placing dishes or pots that have been in the oven or on the stove cooking at high temperatures. It is a good practice to always allow hot pots and pans to cool before placing them in any sink or on any countertop.


·         A Karran sink has a certain amount of flexibility to it, unlike other more rigid solid surface sinks. This means that if you drop an item like a glass casserole dish into it, firstly the sink will not break and secondly the casserole dish may not break either.


·         Karran cannot absorb any substance due to its incredibly high density. It is completely non-porous. Therefore bacteria and germs cannot impregnate the surface of a Karran sink. Karran vanity bowls do not have overflows as these are areas prone to bacteria growth.


·         Karran's satin finish, as well as the fact that the color goes all the way through the material, disguises scratches to the surface that may occur through use. While Karran is difficult to scratch, some scratches may occur. These scratches are easily removable using a Scotch-Brite™ pad, and if necessary, fine grit sandpaper.


·         Karran is so dense that all dirt, be it coffee, grape juice or ketchup, merely sit on the surface. A rinse of water, and sometimes a wipe with cheesecloth, is all that is needed to clean your sink. However, cleaning with all types of scouring pads and abrasive cleaners is recommended.


·         Karran offers both self-rimming sinks that can be dropped into any type of countertop material as well as integral under mount bowls for integral installation under solid surface countertops, laminate countertops, as well as installation under granite and engineered stone surfaces.


·         Karran sinks are backed by a 50-year warranty.

 Care and Maintenance…

Karran sinks are made of a unique material researched and produced to meet the specific demands of the kitchen environment. This material is more resistant to surface damage than the more conventional materials but like most things, better care will make for a better life.

We recommend cleaning Karran sinks with a 3M Scotch-Brite pad and a power detergent like Ajax or Comet. The special satin gloss finish is improved with powder detergents but all liquid detergents will also prove satisfactory. Please be careful with drain cleaners. Make sure the cleaning agent goes down the waste outlet and that it does not sit in the basin. Some drain cleaners react relatively violently as one would expect by the very nature of the requirement of the product and instructions for handling are always precisely given with the product.

Cigarettes should not be left to burn on your sink as they can leave brown marks. However, such marks are removable with powder detergents or fine sandpaper. This material is heat resistant and will not mark below temperatures of 365°F. However it is always good practice to allow hot items to cool before placing them in any sink. Alternatively run some water when putting a hot pot into the basin. By doing this there is no chance of marking your sink, as the hot item is instantly cooled. Scratches and small chips can be removed by sanding with a Scotch-Brite™ pad for fine scratches and sandpaper for deeper scratches and chips. Use a coarse sandpaper to start, finishing off with fine sandpaper and a Scotch-Brite™ pad. A repair kit is available from the manufacturer if needed for chips that are too deep to be sanded.